My name is Ariel Voorhees — and I know how hard the weeknight grind can be.

For fourteen years I battled a long commute and a demanding job as a teacher. My spouse works long hours to preserve democracy. My kids go to two different schools.

For me, family life often felt like solving a riddle at a full sprint.

Meanwhile, I’m grateful for the lessons I learned around my childhood dinner table. Try new things. Eat the veggies. Share your day’s joys and trials. A family gathers at home.

To give my children the healthy food habits and table manners that I got at home, I had to find a way to juggle all the balls.

Through the past decade, I’ve made it a priority and a habit to gather my family together around the table.

And it’s not just about gathering… I know how to do it in a way that eliminates everyone’s stress, most importantly mine.

Now that I’ve figured it out, my family and I have dinner together every night. I cook a wide range of meals that are seasonal, worldly, and fresh. My kids eat everything.

I know how important it is to have family dinner every night, and that’s why I’m helping families in the Washington, DC area do the same thing.

Ready to find out how to bring your family together around the dinner table each night?

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