Sharing good food with friends and family is the perfect way to show your love and build community.

Cooking Lesson Party

Thank you for creating such a special, fun and delicious evening for our family. It was a real treat to see how engaged the kids were in learning new techniques and tasting new foods – and to see them working together. We were all thrilled with the outcome and had a lovely meal thanks to you.

– Ann S, Chevy Chase, DC

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or simply want to learn some new tricks in the kitchen, a cooking party is a unique and hands-on experience that your guests will remember!

We’ll build a menu to fit your guests’ palates, cooking skills, and culinary ambitions. I’ll take care of the details so that you can enjoy cooking with your friends and making delicious memories. And when the cooking is done, it’s time to feast!

From my first outreach to her through to when she left the evening of our dinner, Ariel was fantastic. She helped me host a dinner party to celebrate the marriage of a dear friend. I wanted it to be an interactive cooking lesson rather than a catered dinner — a group experience. Everyone was engaged no matter their expertise in the kitchen. Ariel made us feel confident and successful as we made our own feast. It was a great night!

– Michael H, Brightwood, DC

Pack the Freezer Baby Shower

You know that the baby gear isn’t what will make postpartum life bearable. When that baby gets here, you’ll need help with life-admin stuff like sleeping and eating.

A Pack the Freezer Baby Shower is a party in which your friends and family make you the food that will keep you nourished and happy in the first weeks with your new family member.

With a packed freezer, you’ll be able to feed your growing family and care for yourself without lifting a finger.

I’ll take care of the details so that your community can have fun, learn new recipes, and show you their love!

Before our second child was born, we didn’t want the typical baby shower. Gather Round’s Pack the Freezer Shower was the perfect thing! Chef Ariel organized our friends and family to make a stockpile of burritos, enchiladas, dumplings, smoothies, and lactation-cookie ice cream sandwiches!! It was a fun and festive party, and everyone had something to do. When our daughter arrived a week later, we felt way more relaxed knowing that the food question had been answered.

– Vasiliy K, Brookland, DC

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