You’re sheltering in place.

You’ve got the kids, full-time telework, and a pantry full of random ingredients that you bought in a panic.

Now what?

These are crazy times indeed. In an emergency like this, it’s important to seek solace in the things we can control. For me, it’s food: if I can give my family good food each day, we’ll be okay.

But preparing every meal for a family of stress-eaters quickly turns into a full-time slog.

That’s why I’m here to help you provide the food that will nourish your family and make life at home feel a bit more normal.

So what would make good food possible for you?

Is it a phone call to talk through what to cook with limited ingredients?

Is it recipe links and a grocery list?

Is it creative ideas for how to use your leftovers?

Is it a listening ear to chat about how to cook with little kids underfoot?

Is it suggestions for kid-friendly cooking projects?

All of this support is free because I’m here to help you stay sane and eat well during this stressful time. 

Ready for your free phone call?