Ariel is a godsend to a busy family.

She has given us delicious, nutritious meals and, most importantly, given us some time back to enjoy them!!

I can’t wait to recommend Ariel and Gather Round to more of my friends because then we’ll all be a little healthier and more sane.

– Alice M, Petworth, DC

If you are looking for someone to cook you amazing food that everyone in your family will eat, give you back free time in the evenings to relax with your family, and to free you from the frozen meal/overpriced work lunch merry-go-round, Ariel and Gather Round Family Chef Services is the answer! You won’t be sorry!

– Chrissy W, Capitol Hill, DC

We are a super-busy and overly-stretched-thin family, but thanks to Ariel, we’re finally able to sit around the dinner table with a home cooked meal!

– Arvin G, Eckington, DC

At the end of a long day… the LAST thing I want to think about is dinner.

It’s so nice to come home to dinner ready at the table so I can sit down with my family, connect, and enjoy it.

– Emily M, U Street, DC

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