Whether it’s dinner on the table or a freezer stockpile at the ready, I make it easy for your family to gather around the table.

Effortless Weeknights Plan

What if home-cooked food just appeared in your fridge, and all you had to do was sit down, take a breath, and enjoy it?

Each week I’ll cook an individualized menu of 3-5 dinners that reflect your family’s food preferences and are ready for you to heat and serve.

Shopping, cooking, and cleaning are all taken care of. Just come to the table.

Ariel is wonderful to work with and her food is phenomenal. It is such a wonderful feeling to get home after a long day at work and have a healthy delicious meal already prepared for my family. I only wish I had found her sooner!

– Allison M, Shaw, DC

Pack the Freezer

Maybe you’re expecting a new baby. Maybe you’re planning ahead for family life after surgery or during a business trip. Or maybe your family is simply busy.

I can help you triumph over chaos. With a freezer packed full of home-cooked, comforting foods, you’ll never have to scramble for dinner.

I’ll come to your house and cook up a storm, then clean it all up. You’ll find a clean kitchen and a freezer full of meals that are ready to heat and serve.

Your meals have been a lifesaver for us – and delicious! We often say that finding you and having you pack our freezer was one of the best decisions we made.

– Sarah C, Shepherd Park, DC

Cooking Lessons

How do people manage to cook fresh food every single night? How rad would it be to feel confident, calm — even creative — in the kitchen?

I’ll create a customized curriculum to help you master the skills, cuisines, and ‘back-pocket recipes’ that you’ve always wanted to learn. I’ll even assign the best kind of homework: hand-selected recipes to extend your learning!

Ariel is incredibly knowledgeable about all things cooking! After each two-hour session at my house, I had new wonderful meals ready to eat. In all, she taught me how to make eight meals and showed me basic cooking skills along the way so that I could make lots of other meals. She helped me select interesting vegetarian meals and showed me how to use new tools and new ingredients. I was so stuck about making dinner but now I have new recipes and skills so that dinner is not such a chore anymore.

– Annie K, Glover Park, DC

So, what’s for dinner?