Whether it’s dinner on the table or a guiding hand in planning the week’s menu, I make it easy for your family to gather around the table.

1. Effortless Weeknights Plan

What if home-cooked food just appeared, and all you had to do was sit down, take a breath, and enjoy it?

Each week I’ll cook an individualized menu of 3-5 dinners that reflect your family’s food preferences and are ready for you to heat and serve.

Shopping, cooking, and cleaning are all taken care of. Just come to the table.

2. Pack the Freezer Party

You’re already in baby prep mode: Paint the nursery, install the car seat, wash and fold those impossibly small onesies.

But when the baby arrives, what about you? Who’s going to make sure you’re fed?

I’ve been there. As a brand-new mom, I forgot about ordinary life functions. So when the second baby was on the way, I planned ahead. I cooked and froze the foods that made me feel nourished, happy, and whole.

Later, in the hilarious fugue-state of newborn exhaustion, I could pull a homemade meal from the freezer. I could feed my family without lifting a finger.

Now that I’m on the other side of that chaos, I can help you pack your freezer too. I’ll come to your house and cook by myself, or I’ll organize your friends and family in the most helpful baby shower known to man.

3. Show Me The Way: Menu Planning

You know your way around a recipe, and you’ve cooked some fabulous meals in your day. But these days you’re all out of ideas.

I’ll streamline your weeknight cooking routine by sending you a week’s worth of tried-and-true, dead-simple recipes and the grocery list that you’ll need to make them.

When you get home, you’ll already know what’s for dinner, and you’ll have the ingredients and the confidence to make it happen.

Ready to get started?