All you want is to sit down with your family for dinner, like it was when you were growing up. Or maybe you want to give your family better than you got. But every weeknight feels like a sprint from work to bedtime.

Why is this so hard? It’s just dinner, right?

But we both know it’s not just about dinner, and life is much different than when you were growing up.  

There’s the demanding job with wall-to-wall meetings and last-minute travel. Soccer practice, play-dates, karate class, piano.

But eating is more complicated now too. One of us has a big allergy. Another is going through a picky phase. One is trying to eat less meat; another is trying to eat fewer carbs.

Being a parent today is full-time work on top of your full-time work.

Nobody can do it all. What can you take off your plate to make family life run more smoothly? How can you give your family the food — and the experience — they deserve?

I’m Ariel Voorhees, and I help busy families connect at the dinner table every weeknight.

Thank you for saving dinner! I was at the end of my rope for meal planning and cooking for a household that included two carnivores, two vegetarians and one flexitarian. I was dedicating almost my entire Sunday to meal prepping and becoming increasingly frustrated when my efforts didn’t hit the mark. Working with you relieved the stress around meals and gave me back my Sundays. You introduced us to new flavors and dishes and helped us identify areas of common ground. Thank you for the delicious and relaxing dinner time memories!

– Laura C, AU Park, DC

This isn’t fancy or avant-garde. This is your family sitting around the table, eating food you can feel good about. Dinner is already in the fridge, ready when you are.

Your takeout days are over. Gather round the table.

Ready to get started?